Most of our contemporary canvas art today are based on the foundations of modern art. Modern art gave birth to the abstract paintings we see today. Nowadays, Picasso, Matisse, van Gogh and Modigliani are no longer outcasts or considered as radical. The modern canvas paintings of this era are now priceless, and the artists themselves are revered as masters and some of the most influential painters in art history. Picasso’s canvas art have broken records as the most expensive artwork sold on auction.

Our collection of modern canvas art, follow the principles of the modern art era when traditional painting styles were tossed aside. Our modern wall art pieces are just as brightly colored with interesting looking figures and portraits. Modern art consists of impressionism and fauvism, both styles that are extremely popular today. Although you may not be able to get an authentic Matisse or Modigliani, you can definitely get modern wall art in the same style.

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FEATURED ARTWORK – 100% Hand-Painted On Canvas

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