Don’t you love Francoise Nielly’s paintings? Do you want to order a portrait painting produced by painter? I have no idea if Francoise take on commission job? But when she do, i bet price are going to be very very expensive as the majority of her artworks are available $10,000 to $30,000. Therefore ,, generally, it is almost difficult to let Francoise Nielly create your portrait, although, guess what happens, our gifted artists can! We could paint your photograph exactly like Francoise Nielly do!


Turn Photo into Francoise Nielly Style Art

In her own way, Francoise Nielly shows a person’s face in every of his artworks. And then she paints it again and again, with slashes of paint all-around their face. Moments of personal life that appear from her paintings are generated at a clinch with the canvas. Colors is released to be a projectile.

Works of art by painter Franoise Nielly have a very good visible power that emanate through each one composition. Having acquired palette knife portrait solutions, the artist makes use of thicker strokes of oil on canvas combine a clear abstraction into these figurative paintings. The paintings, that can be based from very simple black or white photos, feature great light, shadow, detail, and dynamic neon shades. As stated by her bio on Behance, Nielly just takes a risk: her artwork is sexual, her colorings free, modern, unusual, also mind-blowing, the cut of her knife incisive, her tone pallete incredible.