There are quite a few customers walk into the frame shop without the idea of what framed art they need. They look to you, the framer to help them make choices like frame styles, even how to place the frames in their house or office.

Sometimes, it is pretty difficult to help them, especially if these customers aren’t touching their personal artistic and decor tastes. When comes to design frames even choosing artworks, the Chinese principles of Fengshui is really an amazing asset in your arsenal of skills.

Fengshui is a usefull art which brings people and their environment into the most positive as well as harmonious relationship to each other by the use of use of colour, subjects and setting–things the framer works with every single day. If frames know severy key points of the practice, like combine sicence, intuition, ancient widsom and also commen sense, they will definitely serve their customers better. Fengshui originating in China thousands of years ago, it is still applied today worldwide and even getting more popular in the US.

“Many customers are searching for a sense of individual identity and stability,” said Melani Lewandowski, feng shui master and president of Corporate Feng Shui International in Philadelphia. “We want to find solutions for people to set up a sense of knowing and safety, and one thing we can do that is by choose of material and color in the selection of art and framing.”

Customers can find and sort canvas artwork by colors at and use Fengshui tips to make a better decor of home. simple symbols