5 Piece Wall Art

In comes the 5 piece sets of wall art wherein you have 5 paintings to cover those large walls and put some life into an otherwise empty looking room. These types of wall art are great for living rooms, long hallways, and large dining rooms that seats more than 10 people. 5 piece sets are also popular for office buildings, boardrooms with rectangular tables, hotels, convention centers, and hospital lobbies or hallways.

If 5 piece sets are too large and crowded for your business establishment or house, you could get the smaller sizes or settle for a 2 to 4 piece canvas art set. Another solution to this is too divide the pieces into 2 groups. You could have 3 pieces in one wall and another 2 in a smaller wall of the same or different room. But dividing the pieces and separating them risks breaking up a story behind the painting of 5 piece sets. The bottom line is these types of wall art are best suited for large homes, stores, malls, hotels or buildings.

5 piece sets provide an easy way to decorate big open spaces and wide walls. It beats having to hunt for several art pieces and decorations, and spending hours trying to make all of them fit in with the decor. It will also look neater and more sophisticated than putting assorted artwork on one wall.

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