3 Piece Wall Art

Two's company, three's a crowd they say. But in the art world, 3 piece sets mean, the more the merrier. Triptych paintings or 3 piece sets will only be a crowd if you hang them in small spaces. These types of wall art are better for bigger walls or spacious rooms. 3 piece sets are hot selling items in art galleries and many people want at least one set of 3 paintings for their living room or dining room.

The smaller 3 piece sets are ideal for smaller walls and rooms. These canvas art removes monotony from your wall and instead of one painting to look at, you get three. It is rarely ignored or unnoticed because of the uniqueness of its design. Wall art made of 3 piece sets convey a story in 3 parts. In terms of photography, it is like looking at a picture taken with a wide angle lens.

An interesting design for 3 piece sets is African wall art with landscape and animals. Young professionals also like them in abstract or metallic designs for their contemporary home or modern office. A big flower painted on 3 pieces of canvas art like a puzzle would look great in your daughter’s bedroom. The boys room can be complemented by a blue and red triptych. 3 piece sets look great if the paintings are coordinated with the wall size and color. Always take these factors into consideration before getting 3 piece sets.

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