Fengshui and Home Decor

There are quite a few customers walk into the frame shop without the idea of what framed art they need. They look to you, the framer to help them make choices like frame styles, even how to place the frames in their house or office.

Sometimes, it is pretty difficult to help them, especially if these customers aren’t touching their personal artistic and decor tastes. When comes to design frames even choosing artworks, the Chinese principles of Fengshui is really an amazing asset in your arsenal of skills.

Fengshui is a usefull art which brings people and their environment into the most positive as well as harmonious relationship to each other by the use of use of colour, subjects and setting–things the framer works with every single day. If frames know severy key points of the practice, like combine sicence, intuition, ancient widsom and also commen sense, they will definitely serve their customers better. Fengshui originating in China thousands of years ago, it is still applied today worldwide and even getting more popular in the US.

“Many customers are searching for a sense of individual identity and stability,” said Melani Lewandowski, feng shui master and president of Corporate Feng Shui International in Philadelphia. “We want to find solutions for people to set up a sense of knowing and safety, and one thing we can do that is by choose of material and color in the selection of art and framing.”

Customers can find and sort canvas artwork by colors at cheapwallarts.com and use Fengshui tips to make a better decor of home. simple symbols

The Best Painting In The World

Paintings are not simply art pieces that are excellent to check out, a painting induces a feeling from within– paintings are emotions poured out from the soul of an artist as well as it’s suggested to touch the audiences at the specific very same location where it came from.

Every year numerous dollars are invested by art collection agencies anxious to have the globe’s most famous paintings. Nevertheless, the most pricey paintings are not always the most popular paintings. important art ones are typically had by museums, which extremely hardly ever market them, and also thus, they are quite literally invaluable. An overview of one of the most popular paintings of perpetuity, discovered in museums worldwide.

The very best paintings just take your breath away! They have a distinct style or a brand-new painting design that makes it to standout in this jampacked field.

There are several artists who have actually left their legacy behind, they were stressed regarding what they did and developed their art work that the globe will certainly continue to keep in mind for generations to find.

J Roybal Paintings

Not too many individuals understand the artist J Roybal, but her artworks are offering almost everywhere on ebay.com, amazon, etsy, and also numerous on the internet art galleries and art sites. The recent exhibit of recent j roybal paintings for sale illustrates a quartet of kids that are playing numerous instruments. Save for a small painting in Klein blue at one end of the gallery that depicts the profile of music instruments, the fifty paintings of music celebration are totally blown up with violines, pinaos, bikes and so on

. Joyce Roybal is a British Postwar & Contemporary artist that was born in 1955. His artworks are influcened by another artist called Graciela Boulanger. Joyce Roybal’s paintings make use of ornamental thick textured, topics primarily youngsters playing musical tools or sporting activities spheres, hot air ballons, bikes. Some refer to his photos as “Puffy People”.

His major style throughout his job underscores the significance of songs as well as play, as well as the function it has throughout a lot of life’s numerous encounters. At times his work is extremely textured providing it a vintage feeling with a contemporary theme, while at various other times his use color is extremely visuals, going from soft tones to bold and also very bright. Some refer to his pictures as “Puffy People”.

Lots of people acknowledge the reality that “J. Roybal” is a development. You will certainly not discover an actual biography on him/her on any type of site or in any type of gallery.

Due to the fact that based on our experience in art reproduction field. J Roybal is rather feasible a made-up name by a Chinese oil painting dealer who create new art work based on Joyce Roybal’s art. And also due to the fact that of the hotselling of these brand-new art work, more and more oil painting providers join this team as well as sell the reproduction of these art work which makes J Roybal art work anywhere.

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Portrait Commission

What is a commissioned portrait?

Portrait commission usually refer to order a customized portrait, painting, oil painting reproduction of any subject you like from artists. It’s a true collaboration between the artist and the client. When they go well, these two parties work together perfectly to bring a beautiful artwork to life.

How much does a commissioned portrait cost?
It depends on the size, figures, complexity of the painting commissoned. Please check portrait artist price list.

Where to commission a portrait painting?

Please check more information from this article ‘Where to get a portrait painted?’

How to commission a portrait painting?

Step 1: Choose your the portrait photo you want the artist to paint.

Step 2: Fill in the order form here. And leave messege if you have any special requirements.

Step 3: Pay the deposit to start

Step 4: Artist start to working on the order

Step 5: We send photo of finished painting for approval

Step 6: Painting approved or adjust until it is approved

Step 7: Pay the balance

Step 8: Painting sent to customer

Read the original article here: https://www.paintmyphotos.net/blog/portrait-commissions/

What is the best personaized housewarming gift idea?

Relocating is generally among one of the most stressful times in any person’s life, but purchasing the ideal housewarming gift does not need to be. There’s typically 2 courses you can take: practical or individual. For a combination of the two, take a look at these housewarming gift concepts that will certainly be a welcome addition to any kind of new house or apartment or condo. Whether you’re searching for a more practical discover to establish your favored graduate up in their very first house (far from residence) or get on the hunt for a customized (read: even more thoughtful) gift for new property owners, these budget-conscious ideas will certainly include design to their space, despite the size. With the majority of presents readily available in the $20 range, they’ll perk up their kitchen area, living space, room, or restroom without emptying your pocketbook.

Finding that just-right present can be tricky though. You intend to get something that’s considerate and visually pleasing, something the new homeowners will truly appreciate. In addition to, it should also serve in some way, whether it helps them in the kitchen or just looks lovely holding an arrangement. Whether your good friends and also loved ones like decoration with severe design or items with more of a sense of humor– or they simply love monograms and also customized touches (and truthfully, who does not?)– there’s a something for every person here. As well as at every price point, also, since there are plenty of alternatives under $25 to pick from.

Assist contribute to a brand-new home or apartment or condo’s style with personalized housewarming gifts. All our presents can be individualized, including customizing plaques, door slates, and also clocks to “establish” the year the house became their own. For those that enjoy to captivate, individualized grilling devices, drink bathtubs, as well as ice pails are wonderful personalized housewarming gift suggestions. Still seeking that excellent customized new home present? Look into the “bless this house” presents, our customized new home plaques, or any of our other monogrammed housewarming presents.

A gift card to a nearby restaurant (preferably one that delivers) …
A fancy candle. …
Fresh baked goods. …
Flowers in a pretty vase. …
A plant. …
A set of nice food storage containers. …
A cozy blanket. …
A personalized reminder of their last home.

However, i prefer a custom house portrait painting.

Reference: https://www.paintmyphotos.net/blog/housewarming-gift-idea/


Boutros’ and Hassan’s experience evokes displacement, exodus, exile, diaspora and migration. But while the geography spawned by these mostly involuntary passages may seem to painfully and irreversibly affect the lives of those who – by one reason or another – must cross borders, it also entails the possibility of imagining new worlds of culture, and a potential for change, renewal and reflection. In this particular case, it also demonstrates the direct relation of art to lived experience, for out of the personal and political disruption, a new sense of place and identity may arise through the intermingling of personal histories and the consequences of chance encounters. As raw materials for Hassan’s art, these themes are expressed in many ways in her recent installation, and are completed with her incorporation of Boutros’ identity. But the Boutros piece is more than the video. A complement of it is the creation of a site-specific work in a local home in Windsor, Ontario where Hassan found that the arched doorways, pink marble fireplace, and wrought iron railing reminded her of “Mediterranean modern” motifs, and the secular practice of adorning the interiors of Lebanese homes with decorative motifs (see Boutros’ “paintings”).

A young girl, carrying a bucket like mine, greets us on the road leading to Layla and further down the road is Kar’oun.

My brother and I have been traveling across the Be’qa valley. He with his doctor’s bag, I with my bucket of paints and brushes. Since we left Anjar we don’t speak of the Armenian genocide. After the massacre at Dezor, the memory of the desert, we only feel safe in the mountains. In these villages we see few traces of the Ottoman Turks. We have left the barbarians behind.

The soldiers of the Francazyee patrol the roads. Leepananzyee and Sourazyee rebels hide out in the mountains.

We have been told of recently arrived merchants from Amerika, who are building homes.

Hussein Shousher has the ease of a man who has traveled across the oceans. He is a modern man and prides himself on the possession of a library. In his shop he sells fabrics from Haleb and Damasqus, which inspire me to paint drapes across the walls.

The stone houses of the family form a courtyard. Hussein’s four year old daughter Aysha steals time away from her errands. My Arabic is child talk. She gives me daily reports of the uprising as she watches me from the window. The salon is transformed by my colors.

Hussein has his own ideas though. He has brought back confectionery tins and metal trays from his cafe business days in a place with a beautiful-sounding name, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I follow his suggestions and paint the images onto the ceiling.

Each day I receive a gold coin. I sleep in the family house and share meals, listening to Hussein’s voice. Sometimes he thinks I understand.

His wife is close to delivering her third child and Hussein’s philosophy is to remain in the house, keep his store open and I should continue painting. A French officer arrives and takes up residence among us, occupying the family house. Somehow Hussein manages to control his temper.

I continue to paint. Each day another image is added to the ceiling. Images of beauty from another cantinent, I think of my days as having a quiet routine, the itinerant painter who settles into his family’s life.

My brother delivers the baby as many of the villagers flee. Hussein names little Jessie after his first love who died in Amerika. I continue to paint.

Jamila, Aysha’s grandmother, falls from the roof of the house during a rebel attack against the Francazyee. My brother keeps her alive during the night but she dies in the morning as I paint the final touches to a woman’s face.

I am now a favorite of all the travelers from Amerika. My paintings are appreciated in many houses in the Be’qa and i love to do art questions and answers. I have learned to paint like the ceilings and columns of Baalbeq. My marble surfaces are like the early Yekibtazyee, a tomb of marble for the world.

How to Create Van Gogh Starry Night Oil Painting Reproduction

Many purchasers are curious to understand the way we do oil painting reproductions. Today, i will demonstrate a step-by-step procedure for creating reproduction of, Van Gogh’s most well-known painting, the starry night. Order Van Gogh Starry Night reproduction at the best cost.

Check the video here: http://www.youtube.com/v/_DQiITSOrcY


francoise nielly original paintings

Don’t you love Francoise Nielly’s paintings? Do you want to order a portrait painting produced by painter? I have no idea if Francoise take on commission job? But when she do, i bet price are going to be very very expensive as the majority of her artworks are available $10,000 to $30,000. Therefore ,, generally, it is almost difficult to let Francoise Nielly create your portrait, although, guess what happens, our gifted artists can! We could paint your photograph exactly like Francoise Nielly do!


Turn Photo into Francoise Nielly Style Art

In her own way, Francoise Nielly shows a person’s face in every of his artworks. And then she paints it again and again, with slashes of paint all-around their face. Moments of personal life that appear from her paintings are generated at a clinch with the canvas. Colors is released to be a projectile.

Works of art by painter Franoise Nielly have a very good visible power that emanate through each one composition. Having acquired palette knife portrait solutions, the artist makes use of thicker strokes of oil on canvas combine a clear abstraction into these figurative paintings. The paintings, that can be based from very simple black or white photos, feature great light, shadow, detail, and dynamic neon shades. As stated by her bio on Behance, Nielly just takes a risk: her artwork is sexual, her colorings free, modern, unusual, also mind-blowing, the cut of her knife incisive, her tone pallete incredible.